Tascam SS-CDR200 Solid State/CD Stereo Audio Recorder

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The SS-R200 model adds XLR balanced inputs and outputs, serial and parallel control connectors and EOM functions to the features of the SS-R100.

The SS-CDR200 model adds a CD drive to the features of the SS-R200.

The rear panels of the SS-CDR200 and SS-R200 models have XLR balanced input and output connectors as well as RCA unbalanced input and output connectors. The input signal can be set to either the XLR balanced inputs or the RCA unbalanced inputs.

  • 2-channel audio recorders can use USB memory, SD cards and CF cards
  • SS-CDR200 units can also use CDs
  • 1U rack-mount size
  • Using USB memory, SD and CF cards, playback and
  • recording of files in MP3 (44.1/48 kHz) and WAV formats
  • is possible (44.1/48 kHz, 16/24-bit, 24-bit can only be played back)
  • Using CD media, playback and recording of files in audio CD (CD-DA) and MP3 formats, as well as playback of WAV format files is possible (SS-CDR200 only)
  • Built-in parallel and serial control ports can be used for remote control (SS-CDR200/SS-R200 only)
  • Flash start function enables instant playback starting
  • Pitch control, key control and other playback control functions
  • Play area can be set as desired using playlists and folders
  • Track editing (WAV files only)
  • Built-in clock for time-stamping
  • Balanced (SS-CDR200/SS-R200 only) and unbalanced analog audio inputs and outputs
  • Coaxial digital audio inputs and outputs
  • Included wired remote control allow reliable remote operation
  • Control and character input using a PS/2 and USB keyboards possible
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