Shalom AV Tech Ltd


Over the years Shalom AV Technology Limited has established its reputation on helping our clients, faced with large-scale projects; make the transition from initial concepts and ideas to making them a reality. To this end we are introducing from around the world a diversity of quality audio-visual equipment for customers to choose according to their projects, budgets and needs. Years of accumulating experience and knowledge help us to provide a one-stop perfect service to our customers with the best combination of technologies to achieve a perfect sound, video and lighting system.

We carry the following products:

  • Audio Equipment: Mixing console, Loudspeaker, microphone, outboard equipment
  • Lighting Equipment: Control console, Computer light, Dimmer, intelligent lighting system
  • Video product: Video Projector, camera, video mixer, switching system…
  • Musical Instrument: Electronic Organ, Bass Guitar amplifier…
  • Acoustic Material: Sound-insulation and absorption material

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