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Active Direct Injection Boxes/Signal Splitter

Quality direct boxes are hard to find in today’s disposable marketplace – either quality products are too expensive or the economy version is too fragile. The excellent quality DI-3 single channel D.I. box has a mono jack input and link out socket, a ground lift to eliminate hum loops, a three position attenuator for accurate level matching, and a balanced 600 ohm XLR output. The active electronics have a purely resistive high input impedance, and so do not colour the sound. Both models can be powered in 3 ways: by a 9 volt battery, phantom power from the desk (or an MTR PPS-48), or an external 9v regulated power supply.

The DI-2 is a two channel version in the same sized box, for use with stereo keyboards or two separate mono signals. It can also be used as a balanced signal splitter by connecting a short jack-to-jack lead from the link socket of channel 1 to the input of channel 2. Channel 1′s signal will then be available on both balanced XLR’s, and channel 2′s link socket. The attenuation switches remain working independently.