Canford 53-146 Goosenecks

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High quality, black finish goosenecks, excellent “droop” resistance, available in a range of configurations. Gooseneck is 11mm diameter on standard series, 13mm on a heavy duty series. Heavy duty versions are much stiffer than standard types, and should be used with heavier microphones.

The type numbers are designated as follows:
X-prefix: XLR 3 pin female connector at top.
T-prefix: 3/8″ male thread at top.
Centre figure: Overall length of gooseneck in mm. (approx).
X suffix: XLR 3 pin male connector at base. Assembly is supplied wired.
T suffix: 3/8″ female thread at base.
S suffix: Surface mounting version. 63mm diameter plate at base with three countersunk screw mounting holes. There is provision to run wiring out through side of plate, for neat cable runs, or through base for concealed wiring (e.g. wooden lecterns).
B suffix: Black finish.
HD suffix: Heavy duty version, stiffer than standard types.

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