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The Pro-32 is a co-planar ribbon array system that is a breakthrough in high-performance indoor and outdoor loudspeaker technology. The patented planar ribbon drivers incorporated in the Pro-32 provide various options for vertical dispersion, allowing for a variety of system architectures and solutions.

The Pro-32 concept is based on a woofer line array, front mounted in an extruded aluminum enclosure, with a coaxially-positioned planar ribbon tweeter array. The array of woofers and tweeters creates a wave front that equates to a line source acoustic pattern. This true line source behavior (cylindrical wave radiation) is due to precise coupling of the transducers. This means better control over vertical dispersion and slower loss of acoustical energy over distance.

The Pro-32 can be used to solve a variety of design problems. They can be used outdoors for backyard home theaters or as outdoor music systems where the ability to have a long throw and wide coverage is required. They can be used indoors for larger meeting rooms, classrooms, churches and boardrooms.

Articulated or Straight

The Pro-32 comes in two versions. The Pro-32A model incorporates an internally articulated ribbon driver element permitting wider vertical dispersion at one end of the array, such as covering front rows of seating close to the speakers’ position. The Pro-32 model maintains a straight ribbon driver element which has controlled vertical dispersion on both ends of the speaker.
Threaded inserts on the back of the enclosure permit a variety of mounting options. They can be stacked to create lower frequency line source behavior and longer throw distances. All versions are u›sable in extreme weather conditions found outdoors. Color options are either black or white.

  • › Proprietary planar ribbon high-frequency line source system with unsurpassed sound quality True Line Source – 3 dB loss per doubling of distance as opposed to the 6 dB loss of conventional
  • › point source loudspeakers
  • › Reduced ceiling and floor reflections – dramatically improved speech intelligibility
  • › Extremely wide 120 degree horizontal coverage
  • › Efficient – 94 dB with power
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